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Suspension Creach Sound

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Suspension Creach Sound

Postby Jaigannesh » 26 Jun 2018, 16:22

Dear Members, Greetings.

I'm driving the TUV in Bengaluru traffic and bad roads and some time long drive on the highways as well.
Just reached 10k kms. 2nd service is done at the above Kms

I have the below issues
1. Suspension making creach(strange noise isn't it) sound when claiming humps. which can be heard upto 50 mts.
Is this normal, what should be the speed while claiming the humps? is it less than 5kms?
2. Pickup--> it is very had to drive more than 120km/hr in highway, feel no control of it? wheel balancing or what so ever.
Kindly note: I have been driving in Gulf even at 140km/hr for a decade!.
3. Break shoe wear at 10k kms? is it normal?
4. no mild a/c? even at 1st point, pressure air from the fins. Continuous cool air(pushed)during long driving which gives pressure to the eyes as well.
(don't say switch of a/c n drive) :lol:

However, Personally it gives me immense pleasure on the road with TUV though it brought be back pain with this manual rough/tough vehicle at this Bad road(Bengaluru) 8-)

Any feedback appricated for the above 3 pts.
Best regards,

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Re: Suspension Creach Sound

Postby haneefach » 15 Jul 2018, 19:00

I have also the same sound issues with my T8.
Several times tried to find out the source from the service centre, but not found so far. I have no any other issues

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