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wheel spin problem and Brakes on tuv 300 T8

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wheel spin problem and Brakes on tuv 300 T8

Postby dharmaraj9798 » 27 Apr 2018, 17:57

I have bought TUV300 T8 on november 2016 Reg Num TN88X 2829 From the very beginning I observed a big issue with brakes , it happened so many times that if I apply the brakes in emergency all of a sudden than brakes didn't worked properly .
Second thing which I had observed from the beginning and also shared with service centre at the time of all services that everyday cars front tyres alloys got black with some kind of black oil or carbon , service centre told me that its normal but I don't think so.
Third thing is This vehicle has an major problem of when spin. In which this cannot move on smooth road surfaces. But believe that autorikshaw and tata nano are better than this vehicle since those travelled on the same road easily but this vehicle had failed to move. Service center tell they can't do anything for this since the problem is there with all the vehicles.

And those suggested to go for other vehicles rather than mahindra. Which made me really surprise. Mahindra had lost its faith in market. Worst vehicle in entire universe. This is not Tough utility vehicle, it's should be shame for Mahindra for cheating customer like us by selling these failure cars in the name of Army Tanks :oops: .

I would also be requiring email ids of Mahindra CEO and consumer forum so that I can further forward this issue to them .

You can contact me on 9715888899 and email id is dharmaraj9798@gmail.com .

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Re: wheel spin problem and Brakes on tuv 300 T8

Postby Sharadkt » 11 May 2018, 22:06

Brake dust is normal and common to all Mahindra vehicles. For wheel spin get MLD installed.

Rest all you should have thought before buying this vehicle from Mahindra, even after reading all the reviews online and offline.

I can understand our apathy I mean me and others who bought at launch, we were not aware of the vehicle's shortcomings and Mahindra quality standards.

But people who bought a year after launch or even now buying it just had to Google the words "TUV300" and would have got all shortcomings and pain stories from existing owners

Even this forum is full of such stories.

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