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TUV300 AMT- vehicle not moving

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TUV300 AMT- vehicle not moving

Postby kavena78 » 29 Aug 2017, 21:26

Today I had a weird issue with my TUV AMT 100bhp. I was taking U turn (almost close to zero speed) and the vehicle was not at all moving, more like you accelerate/racing in neutral. While in the situation, I did not change anything on gear (auto to manual or neutral, the break was free) I was doing only pushing the accelerator to get some movement. It took @8-10 secs to get some speed. Any help or similar observations and solution around the problem pls ...

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Re: TUV300 AMT- vehicle not moving

Postby kchanda » 15 Sep 2017, 12:08

HI Kavena,
i too had the same issue and found an issue with vaccum modulator
after replacement of vaccum modulator the issue got resolved.


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