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speakers for TUV T4 and T4+

Woofers, Amplifiers, Head Units, Speakers and the likes...
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Re: speakers for TUV T4 and T4+

Postby Dinesh » 07 Dec 2016, 12:24

ankur wrote:My accessory guy had done it. As far as i know, its just some plastic and can be cut using any swiz knife. Should not cause any damage to the car, as got it done the second day and i have not faced any issue so far.

Its completely natural to abuse mahindra for this, my reaction was also same to this part. I bought lower model TUV only because i wanted to get every thing done after market. But now i am relieved.

Thanks for the information Ankur. Going today evening for this. Will update you once it is completed.


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Re: speakers for TUV T4 and T4+

Postby sbsvrj » 28 Dec 2016, 20:55


Can you pls let me know how much did you paid for JBL speakers. Even I have also fitted same JBL Speakers.

Also let me know have you put any Amplifiers, Woofer Box & any 2 DIN touchscreen system.


LUVTUV wrote:Dinesh,
Be a little careful with installing a double din player. Even though I love the idea, I have seen a number of not so perfect installations that will result in slight gaps on some or all of the corners/sides. If you can get a perfect fit that will be great but be careful as the installer will always say that some imperfect fitting will always be there and that too after the installation, leaving you with no choice.

I have upgraded just the speakers to JBL as mentioned in the following thread...
http://tuvclub.com/viewtopic.php?f=12&t ... rt=10#p840

The sound quality is definitely improved from the stock speakers but a little bit of more bass would have been better. To get that extra bass, there is a need to install an amp and sub woofer. For now, I will have to live with just the speakers upgrade.


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Does 6.5" component fits for both front & rear

Postby amardexignscape » 20 Mar 2018, 07:45

Hi I am planning to install blaupunkt san marino 330 HU and JBL GTO609c 6.5" Component & 6.5" JBL Coaxial at rear... Does this all fit on my T4+

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