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T8 100 manual first month exp.

Mahindra TUV 300 Test-Drives & Initial Ownership Reports
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T8 100 manual first month exp.

Postby giridharan » 30 Sep 2016, 11:31

I am used to mahendra as I had owned a Xylo and lost it to Chennai floods. TUV comes with many surprises. the noise level is very low and moves like a dream of course with the ECO button off. Once you switch on the ECO the engine is kind of chocked so best to keep this off if you want to enjoy the drive. It is pretty roomy for a tall person like me and gives a commanding view of the road. It is wide!! while negotiating very narrow lanes and trying to close the left side mirror for extra passage is a challenge. the sub 4 meter is a great advantage in city driving and parking. I am yet to check the mileage but willing to compromise in lieu of extra surge. It is more of a geep with all comforts thrown in. The door opening is still a scare after I had the first nip.

I am yet to make my farm trip, where the roads are practically non existent, would be able to give more feed back.

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Re: T8 100 manual first month exp.

Postby clamfrog82 » 29 Oct 2016, 13:07

Congratulations on your purchase Giri. Wishing you loads of happy miles on your Tank. Drive safe.

Also, keep us all updated on your experiences with your new TUV.

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