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Re: T8 MT 100BHP PDI- engine rpm

Postby Sharadkt » 06 Oct 2016, 12:16

morgen wrote:Hi fellow tuvians,
I am taking my vehicle delivery on 3rd October, hence went for PDI to stockyard in vasant kunj delhi today. Based on the existing thread on engine rpm going down in idling when gear is engaged, I checked. This vehicle has only 9km on odometer and as per my VIN inspection it is manufactured 13th September 2016. So, I guess it should have all kinds of VM and FDM/hose updates already. The engine idled at around 950rpm with neutral but with any gear engaged went down by 100-150 rpm while the vehicle was standstill. Is this normal and expected from a pre-delivery vehicle? Also while doing PDI, I noticed that micro hybrid did not switch-off the vehicle when I put it to neutral after 1st gear, engine started but vehicle was standstill. My SE said they ESS will work after the vehicle has moved a little, I felt like there is some min. distance required before ESS re-engages at the time of test-drive in b2b traffic too.


your SA said correct.

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