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T6+ or T4+

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T6+ or T4+

Postby Ash014 » 21 Aug 2016, 22:57

Hi guys quite confuse with two variants here .. Cost difference is mere 65k .. Does t6+ worth that ??

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Re: RE: T6+ or T4+

Postby Sharadkt » 21 Aug 2016, 23:33

Ash014 wrote:Hi guys quite confuse with two variants here .. Cost difference is mere 65k .. Does t6+ worth that ??

Save 65k and you can make your vehicle similar to T8 in after market. Major difference is infotainment system, body color bumpers,second row lights etc.

Even a T8 owner first thing that he changes in his tank is speakers, the company fitted are so so pathetic or basic. Infotainment system is age old without touch screen, navigation and rear camera view, T8 owners would change that too once warranty is over.

Rear defogger, wheel caps etc are useless, you could use that money on after market alloys. Don't go for alloys from showroom as they are charging 9500 per alloy.

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Re: T6+ or T4+

Postby sbsvrj » 18 Nov 2016, 11:46


Go for T4+ & save 65K. The same can be used in Modification of the vehicle.

Like Touch screen Audio system with JBL Speakers, Alloy Wheels & Side foot steps etc.....

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