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ECU Actuator malfunctinong

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ECU Actuator malfunctinong

Postby Jithesh » 22 Jan 2017, 19:37

Please check for a buoyant noise ( a kind of sound produced when a half filled bottle is shaken), on the front , RHS. You should be able to hear this clearly while driving between 20 -30kmph, though it higher speeds it tends to be misheard. I heard this noise once and was keen to understand if this was due to the suspension or linkages or riding brake pad. While I was looking for this noise, it recurred.
I experienced this while my TUV had metered the 3300KM mark and got the Actuator replaced.

Drive to your TUV to the dealer and you will get your Actuator ( a solenoid value), which controls the ECU of the Turbo charger. This is an important component which controls the efficient working of the TC.

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