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Bad clutch

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Bad clutch

Postby Sarvesh77 » 05 Nov 2016, 21:14

I bought tuv300 t8 in Feb.2016 and it has only driven approx 10000 plus kns. Today while driving lost pick up on the mid road and started moving like cycle with full accelerator. I managed any how to safe place as it was dark n mid highway. I called local authorized service centre who informed that clutch plate may have gone and the same are not covered in warranty n i will have to pay for it.
It is new car and one year has not been completed. In such new car if clutch is gone then it is manufacturing defect and I am compelled to pay which is not good practice. You must look into the problem and resolve the same.

Sarvesh kumar sharma
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Re: Bad clutch

Postby Sharadkt » 08 Nov 2016, 14:51

Any update from service center or Mahindra?

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