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breakpad issues

Posted: 13 Mar 2018, 12:53
by sambhaji
Hi members,
I bought TUV 300 T8 in sept.2017 , everything was good upto first service - used on highway- off road-city.
Only i had observed that there was higher noise from engine at morning.
But when i handed over TUV to first routine service problem started for breaking system--
If i use break on rough road then paddle gets jerks and back pressure ---it feel like it s touching to rim of wheels , it give thud thud type of sound and jerks. even when i use breaks on speed breaker then also i am facing same issue. one time on rough road i was overtaking bus and from front truck came hence i used breaks but at that time paddle got huge jerks and thud thud sound , i was surprised and in that time felt that i saved my life with majour accident.

I called to mahindra assistance they advised me to take vehicle at nearest workshop, so i handed over car to Aurangabad workshop - technician came and took 2-3 trials and told that there is an issue with breaking system ,need one day. i kept car there but problem not been resolved. I handed over car to Vapi workshop then they told that this is normal issue due to ABS system on rough road.
I wanted to know from you guys that is it normal breaking issue with Mahindra?
I have breeza with ABS and indigo Ecs with ABS but i never faced those issue.
pls guide me

Re: breakpad issues

Posted: 11 May 2018, 22:16
by Sharadkt
The issue you have mentioned is normal. In case of hard brake abs system is releasing the brake pressure to ensure wheels don't lock hence the sound and push / tick.