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My sole purpose to start this forum is to unite all TUV 300 owners to share their experience no matter good or bad, to benefit others and bring niggles till Mahindra officials.

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Got my new black tank yesterday.

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Got my new black tank yesterday.

Postby vink » 02 Sep 2017, 21:14

Hi Guys,
After months of research on buying a safe and economic vehicle for me and my family, I finally had decided to go for a Mahindra TUV 300 100bhp T8 manual version.
Took a test drive couple of weeks back and was satisfied on the improvements that were made to 100 bhp version in the year before.
Post GST the price was just right for me.
In the end I got my black tank yesterday. < Snaps attached. >
Had the first 10 KM drive on the same with my family and everyone was impressed.
Thanks to Mahindra for getting a safe and economic vehicle like TUV300 and purchase experience was really good.

Went for a Black and Red theme.
100bhp version
The black tank.

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