Hi Friends,

My sole purpose to start this forum is to unite all TUV 300 owners to share their experience no matter good or bad, to benefit others and bring niggles till Mahindra officials.

Please share your thoughts and publicize this forum to make our voice stand tall.


Owned TUV T8 AMT 100 on April 05 2017

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Owned TUV T8 AMT 100 on April 05 2017

Postby ARUNVISWANADH » 29 Jun 2017, 01:18

Dear All,

Owned TUV T8 AMT 100 on April 05 2017

I love the road presence it gives on road.
Seating position gives high confidence while riding , solid road grip, efficient braking etc.
Only problem so far is, to change the modulator for AMT as it give some irregularity in acceleration while 1st gear / reverse gear engaged.
Still not regretted to purchase TUV. Nice experience. :)
Love to give more feedback during coming days.

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