Hi Friends,

My sole purpose to start this forum is to unite all TUV 300 owners to share their experience no matter good or bad, to benefit others and bring niggles till Mahindra officials.

Please share your thoughts and publicize this forum to make our voice stand tall.


Some tanks painted in Majestic Silver!

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Some tanks painted in Majestic Silver!

Postby dattha3 » 12 Oct 2016, 20:42

Hi All
Happy to join this group. I live in Chennai. After so many cars Morris M, Wagon R, Baleno, Scoprio and Eco Sport (Launch Vehicle) the current selection is TUV 300 T8 Mhawk 100. Entire family fell in love with T8 at first look - so we got our T8 delivered on 5th Oct. Till date made around 940+ Kms including one long trip of 520Kms and another short 150Kms.
Good vehicle but little things which M&M should've enhanced it (every item is compared with EcoSports - which looks sohphisticated and the same price point)
- Rear Seat inclination (Ecosport rear seat is plush and good)
- ECO/ESS Switch placements (Eco has in near the console)
- DTE is having issues in exact Kms - ODO cross 2 Kms and DTE reduces by 6-8
- Sub-Standard Infotainment (Eco's ICE is awesome - good sound quality, microsoft activesync, can play any size HDD)
(I got upset when all my cars can read the 320GB HDD with 8000+ songs - TUV omits the directories!)
- Sparewheel operations, locking (Eco is sophisticated with Lock Nut with Key - not NavTal !)

But I like my TUV. Good cruising speed - @ 100 Kmph it is stable but to hit the pedal to metal then I need to look at some susp. kits. It's a driver's car, ECO mode in traffic is good, spacious cabing, super AC, etc ..
I am going to learn from your experiences and enhance my TUV :)

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