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Re: joining the group

Posted: 14 Aug 2017, 01:07
by Fritzie
Hi am Fritz from Pretoria, South Africa and I bought a Lava Red, TUV300 on less than a week ago . Very happy with "Bunnychow" so far!

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Re: joining the group

Posted: 05 Jul 2018, 21:49
by Ashish22joshi
Hi i am Ashish joshi a proud owner of tuv dec 2016... completed 30000 kms.

Re: joining the group

Posted: 19 Jul 2018, 22:09
by Nanak
Hello Everyone.. 1st of all Congratulations to all of you the proud owners of TUV300. Guys I need some guidance from you.
I am Planning for TUV300 T10.
1st thing I want to know, As I read it in reviews that it's a 3 cylinder base engine.. does it make in difference in the area of pick up & milege of vehicle.
2nd as it has a huge cabin space but AC blower are only there in front there is no blower in middle row. So , is it sufficient for the every row ?
& The last thing I want to know , what's the exact mileage of the car ?
Thanks In Advance. Please share your experience. Thank you so much. :)

Re: joining the group

Posted: 22 Jul 2018, 13:39
by rlnmurti
Hi Guys,

Am RLN from Hyderabad.

Am planning to buy TUV 300 in Sept 2018. Pls advise which variant to buy. T8 AMT or T10 Manual? My budget is around 12lkhs

Would abe glad if some owners throw some inputs.

Thank you

Re: joining the group

Posted: 13 Aug 2018, 21:46
by sarmapranab2018

Pranab Sarma from Guwahati.

Bought a TUV300 T8 recently in July 2018 Red & Black here from Poddar Autocorp at Guwahati. Completed about 2000 Kms.

Great to be with you guys in this forum of all co-owners.

Re: joining the group

Posted: 07 Oct 2018, 02:21
by shantanu
Hi guys.
I'm Shantanu from Jammu and I have the T10 model for almost a year now. Good to meet so many TUV riders at one place. I'll get to learn a lot from you guys.


Re: joining the group

Posted: 22 Oct 2018, 13:03
by Bkbiradar
Hi Friends,

I bought TUV 3OO T10 on this Dashera. Good to meet all TANK owners :) .