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Connecting the dots - M&M Engine Shield

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Connecting the dots - M&M Engine Shield

Postby Pratap » 26 Feb 2017, 12:23

Now that I've recovered from earlier experience with TUV300 which was shared with you all....it makes me wonder why the dealer of M&M was pushing hard to sell Engine Shield scheme (read as scam ) to me when the vehicle is still very much under warranty period.
Here's the answere ....regular insurance doesn't cover engine issues, M&M definitely knows what's the problem but it's too late and REPUTATION ka sawal. So how I deal with this situation without spending a penny? Engine Shield Cover policy. ....lol ....that's not engine shield cover but M&M cover my ass policy for it's R&D goof up. ...so they collect the fee from vehicle owner and get a engine policy from some insurer. ..kuch hua toh insurer paisa dega...insurer ko premium customer dega aur mein aaram se baith k halwa khaunga.
yeh below wali policy :
http://www.mahindratuv300.com/mahindra- ... d-warranty

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