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TUV300 in 2018 - Any recent improvements by M&M ?

Posted: 28 Jul 2018, 00:46
by nitinmittal
Dear All,
I am considering to buy a TUV 300 T10 MT. Have gone through the reviews on forums and understand there were initial issues in TUV300, some of which have now been addressed by M&M.

Requesting recent buyers to kindly advice if any of the below mentions issues are still there in the units shipped in 1st half of 2018:-

-NVM levels, specially at higher RPM
-Bouncy ride quality. Is there any improvement in suspensions ?
-Pickup and acceleration leading to overtaking issues - specially on highways.
-Wheel spin issues - are the issues still there in units being shipped now ?

Any feedback will be very helpful.
Thanks in advance
Nitin Mittal

Re: TUV300 in 2018 - Any recent improvements by M&M ?

Posted: 07 Nov 2018, 09:58
by Manjumann
Hi ,
I bought T10 on 16th April, No NVH issues,
No pick up issue, the engine comes with dual turbo and tuned to produce 100 BHP Power, with 240 nm Torque, quickest to overtake due to peak torque at 1500 rpm only. Have to get this fitted with New suspension kit from M&M freebie for body roll and wheel spin issue.
Rest is Beautiful with the vehicle, nowadays you can spot more n more no. Of Tuv's . it's one of the M&M flagship Model. Go for it n u will love the Beast.