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Suspension improvement in TUV 300

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Suspension improvement in TUV 300

Postby Raghavendra » 12 Nov 2017, 19:36

My tuv 300 T8 is one year old.the most common problem on this which anyone would agree is the twisting effect and bad body roll. The showroompeople gave some excuses and was not able to solve this. My family people started avoiding the back seat and last seats. Finally after lot of self R&D I came across ARC shocks from Maharashtra near Kolhapur. I bought a set at 16k and installled it. Handling is now superb and no twists and dance. I don't know why company like Mahindra does not want to spend on good shocks and put custome4s in trouble..After paying an on road price of 11.0 lacs, it does not matter to improve ur comfort by paying this sum.

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Re: Suspension improvement in TUV 300

Postby vijaykolla » 21 Nov 2017, 00:36

Hi Raghavendra, does it void warranty ?

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