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need urgent help with tuv t4+

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need urgent help with tuv t4+

Postby rishabhsingh1821 » 15 Jul 2018, 12:27

Hi Team,

I have registered on the club just today and need your urgent help please.

I am going to be purchasing the base model of the TUV300 that is T4+ on Wednesday as thats what my pocket allows me. i would need your help on the following queries-

1. The front grill of the T4+ is all black, can i purchase an aftermarket grill, that looks exactly like the upper variants with just the chrome highlights on the grill bar.

2. I will be buying an audio system as well as this variant does not have that. While reading some of the reviews online, i found out that aftermarket purchase would be better and less expensive . But some have stated that there would be a gap visible on the dash board, please clarify this.

3. also, some have stated that the double din one is not good for some reasons, May I know what exactly is double din and how much is it going to cost me approximately.
If you guys suggest me something else,please help with that as well.

4. Please help me to clarify if the audio system will be a little outside of the dashboard, and if would need additional speakers too. I dont need a heavy system, but just need to get an audio system with normal day to day hearing capacity.

Eagerly waiting for the help and replies. :)

Rishabh Singh

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