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Tips for driving T8 (100) AMT on ghat roads

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Tips for driving T8 (100) AMT on ghat roads

Postby bokn » 26 Apr 2018, 06:19

Dear Friends,

I am planning on taking my TUV300 - T8 AMT 100, on a drive to a hill station (Kochi-Munnar-Bengaluru). Loaded with luggae and 3 of us family.

Other than a couple of drives to Ooty, I do not hVe much experience on ghat roads. That too, it was on manual, not on AMT.

Any tips that experienced drivers on this forum can share for driving the AMT on ghat roads ? Any tips and experience sharing will be helpful...
Especially with the TUV's known issues of rear wheel spin, lag during auto gear shift and loss of power at low gears - I have faced all the 3 during my Bangalore city drives as well as Bangalore-Kerala highway drivings. Loss of power issue is supposed to have been fixed by the service center a month ago and I have not faced it after that... Keeping my fingers crossed and praying that it doesnt resurface on my Munnar trip ...

On the net, I have seen some comments related to shifting to manual on hill roads. Any tips related to this or anything else is appreciated

Thanks !

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