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Music System in T4+

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Music System in T4+

Postby Gaurav9106 » 16 Nov 2017, 16:05

Dear Members , I own a T4+ model and need suggestions for Double din system installation.

Little Background :-
- Our previous car Honda city got Burnt because it was parked below street light pole and somehow it got short circuit , plastic cover over got melted and kept falling on city's bonnet. Eventually bumper and tyre got caught fire . car is shown in total loss and that's how the need arises for new car. ( we were destined to buy Tank :lol: )

- Shortlisted TUV300 , Ecosport , Brezza but found TUV within our budget and more practical to use.
- In other post i have mentioned the after market accessories that i put like Bull guard , Steps , Rear camera . Everything was fine , until the Installation of Music system comes.

- Installed Pioneer double din but later removed as was something like this.

- Mechanic did a horrible job . Asked about 10 shops if they are aware how to install double din and most of them refused that it will be this only. One guy told that , AC console need to be changed and it will cost around 5k.

Seriously , 5k extra to install Double din. :evil:

Kindly provide your inputs on how to install double din to the Tank..

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