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TUV 300 AMT Characteristics

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TUV 300 AMT Characteristics

Postby Sharadkt » 13 Jun 2016, 17:32

Dear All,

I am sharing TUV300 AMT Characteristics as shared by Mahindra Customer Support to me. One needs to understand them and practice them in order to have a safe ride. Hoping these will help new customers or first time AMT users.

1. Vehicle doesn’t accelerate during downshift/Upshift. The change in the engine rpm is purely due to ratio change and it is normal phenomena across any car. During downshift/ upshift the clutch is open and there is no drive to the wheels. Engine rev is perceived as acceleration.

2. During sudden acceleration, there is downshift of gears for torque generation and automatic/AMT transmission has the kick-down process if accelerator pedal is pressed hard. Driver needs to adopt to the characteristic of AMT/automatic transmission.

3. In manual mode, if the RPM increases abnormally beyond a set limit of particular gear, the gear shift happens and it is for safeguarding engine and transmission against abuse.

4. It is recommended to move to manual mode while undertaking, overtaking manoeuvres. This will have the gear shift control with the driver.

5. In case of AMT vehicles without hill hold function, there will be slight roll back in uphill condition.

6. Also we want to clarify that while upshift or downshift, the vehicle will tend to maintain its speed because of momentum for a small time and it is similar with other manual or automatic/AMT vehicles.

7. We can launch the car in 2nd gear in stationary condition. Below are the conditions-

a) Vehicle stationary with engine ON

b) Give Tip Plus from N Or if already in A1 then give Tip Plus and DIS should show GEAR 2.

c) Then vehicle will be capable to launch in 2nd gear if customer wants.

d) However Mahindra recommends to use the 2nd gear launch only in slipper or icy road condition to avoid the tire slippage.


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