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TUV making loud knocking sound

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Re: TUV making loud knocking sound

Postby Paulbaboo » 17 Jul 2017, 19:23

VPandey wrote:Hi All,

I have purchased TUV 300 AMT on Feb 16, 2016 from GSP Mahindra, Gurgaon. From the very first day it started giving me problems, first with Jerks and now an strange undiagnosed problem of occasionally engine producing truck like sound.

This happened first time on 8 March 16 when engine started producing strange truck like sound just like a pickup truck or Tata 407. Immediately went to service center but at the end problem could not be diagnosed.

Now again today on 26 March 16 again TUV engine started sounding same as truck and this time I recorded video of the problem. Again immediately went to service center where senior technicians from GSP and Mahindra looked in to the problem but result were same and problem was undiagnosed. There was one more TUV AMT called in by techs for same problem.

I have uploaded the video of problem on YouTube, which can be found here:


Here the problem is clearly visible with lot of jerks and drop in pickup. The sound was so loud that it has been recorded having all window glasses rolled-up.

Now this is making me highly doubtful about my decision of purchasing TUV and taking any long drives


Is this issue fixed.i am experiencing the same problem with my manual version.what should be told to the service center to fix this problem,as i had this same problem but when reached service center it had gone by that time

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Re: TUV making loud knocking sound

Postby raghu13uk » 10 Aug 2017, 23:56

Hi all,

Is this problem solved? Any update?
Or you just getting used to this? :roll:

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