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Range of RKE??

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Range of RKE??

Postby jayakarthik2008 » 21 Jun 2017, 21:25

Hi TUVians,

Hope everyone's tank is good and munching miles...

Can you pls comment on the perfoemance of the Remote Key?? Mine hardly wordks around 20 mtrs.. I had seen hyundai and toyota keys working from a much greater distance...

Anybody upgraded their RKE in after market, if so pls comment the performance and price..

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Re: Range of RKE??

Postby vincentds » 28 Jun 2017, 12:33

same... key hardly works some time from 10M. I do not know any solution for this.

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Re: Range of RKE??

Postby harikrishnan » 15 Jul 2017, 17:38

Yah.very worst remote key

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