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Longish term review - Didn't want to jump on conclusions too soon.

Mahindra TUV 300 Long Term Ownership Reviews
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Longish term review - Didn't want to jump on conclusions too soon.

Postby Karanzone » 18 Jul 2016, 03:03

Hi I have recently joined this club / forum but I have been following it ever bought the TUV 300 mHawk 100 AMT.

I was searching for a car to buy for 6 months and had booked a baleno cvt earlier as I always wanted an automatic.

I had never considered buying a Mahindra but XUV caught my fancy and got impressed with the brand and the value for money it brings to the table.

XUV automatic unfortunately fell in the 2000CC+ segment so it was not allowed to be sold in Delhi NCR. The only option was Chandigarh registration. This, alongwith the fact that it was stretching my budget too much and was getting into that 'Too big a Car' segment made me want to consider TUV.

I wish I had done more research to say the least. I only counted on my brother's opinion apart from my own. The car although looked nice but had no power whatsoever in the 80PS AMT version that I took the test drive for. When I raised this concern with the sales people I was informed that a new 100PS version was to be launched soon. So eventually when it came and i took the test drive vehicle for a spin, it definitely had more power and the seats also seemed comfy.

I took the plunge and bought it the very next day as I was in the need of a car and have been waiting for 6 months. I took the black color as only that looked appealing to me and the big rectangular grills merged with the color. It looked like jeep cherokee!

First few days I was careful with the vehicle as it was a new experience to own a tall SUV. At lower RPMs there were lags in shift but didnt seem impossible to live with.

By the fourth day I started pressing the peddle harder and there were frequent jerks between shifts and since I had planned a weekend getaway on my new car I thought of showing it to the service station before leaving. This was GSP motors in Begumpur, Gurgaon.

Another one of my concerns was a hard steering and creep mode in reverse. The reverse gear engaged after a good 1-1.5 second delay and accelerated to 10kmph which was quite risky as when to press the brakes, given the nature of disc brakes the car stops immediately, then again the delay of 1-1.5 seconds of the reverse gear getting engaged before one can get a move on.

Since jerks were priority, they started checking the clutch system which physically had no issues so they went for software checks. I waited all day without those checks getting completed. I was suggested to leave the car and they would return it to me in a day or two. I agreed as they said that the vehicle could stop anywhere.

Since I had to go out of town I asked for an alternate vehicle which they couldnt arrange. After much pressure they provided a Xylo after two days. I missed my trip but altleast i had a car to drive till i got my car and frankly i wanted my 6 days old car back now. I took them 10 days of following up, pressurizing to call the Mahindra team from pune to update the software of the car. Since it became quite an ordeal I dint bother about the other two concerns and just wanted my car back.

I had called mahindra customer care and they promised a call back within 24 hours which never came. Finally, i got back my vehicle with improvement. The gear shift lag was much shorter and reverse got a little easier. Steering although remained hard.

I went for my first long haul trip to Chandigarh and Kasauli in the rains and the drive on the highway was amazing. It was smooth on slippery rainy roads and confidence inducing. Hard steering did help there. Mountains werent exactly its territory but it somehow managed. Lots of handbrake use was required as the hill assist didnt work or seemed missing from this variant. Funny for an automatic.

Since then it has been all city drive and I loved the commanding view of the road. Rest I had and still have to adapt according to the vehicle as the AMT refuses to adapt to my needs. For example, you have to switch to manual for overtaking. The creep mode is nice but again works best in manual.

Shifts although smaller are very much evident and that is the weakest point of this car. Another one of my concerns was that the trip got too tiring if i had to drive for 30 kms or more Im the city. Body roll, bumpy drive, harsh suspension setup and overall gear shift jerks especially 2nd and even 3rd. I had to find a solution to this and found it bery much through this forum - Rogerab.

For the first time ever, I enjoyed driving this car. It is still far from perfect but has just gotten driveable for me. Jerks reduced, body roll gone, gear shifts dont hurt your spine and neck as they did earlier. It finally drives like a car and not a Truck. Wonder if TUV meant Truck Utility Vehicle.

Mileage is not great but acceptable for a vehicle this heavy. Gives me 11 kmpl in city and 13 on highway. 12 kmpl is what my expectation is. It should improve after the first service but very apprehensive giving it again as Mahindra workshop staff seriously doesnt know what they are doing. I have to sit and get things done in fromt of me.

Will be happy to answer any more questions, if any.

Karan Chhabra
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