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Sputtering sound in Hybrid ELS mode T8

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Sputtering sound in Hybrid ELS mode T8

Postby Raghavendra » 29 Jan 2017, 04:57

My T8 100 bhat is nearly 4 months old and done about 4500 kms.
Normally I don't use the ESS hybrid mode. Just last week I used this in bumper to bumper bad traffic in blore. After about 3 operations, during the fourth time vehicle sputtered and juddered and I fully switched off the engine .first I switched off and then started.it was normal.Now I am afraid to use this mode.
Is it really required and what exactly is the ELS function.Is it only some cosmetic superficial feature does by Mahindra s for getting tax benefits from govt by calling it hybrid. Also adding so much software and relay switching will definitely create more nuisance for customers in long run.finally it comes back to customer paying only telling that electronics and software cannot be covered under warranty.
Any proper technical advice and suggestions most welcome.

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